Paper Pricing Chart

Choosing the appropriate paper or canvas is all about your personal preference. Sometimes, multiple papers work for the same image. The tone, weight and surface texture depends on the subject, the mood and how you, the artist, want it perceived. We offer many choices that are sparked by customer demands and staff preferences. Feel free to ask for suggestions from our staff when you are not sure. We can explain the benefits of each of our offerings and are always looking at new printing papers and canvas that can improve the experience for the artist and convey the message that was intended. We try to carry fine art papers that have no optical brightener additives (OBA's). OBA's offer a brighter white, but will change over time. 

If you are still unsure of your paper choice after reading the options, please purchase one of our sample books here. It's simple, you pay for the sample book- $9.95, which is the cost of shipping- and we give you a rebate code valued at $9.95 to use on your next order. Consider it a risk-free investment into your next purchase with us. The best part is, you'll always have that book to reference for every order in the future. We promise it's a worthy investment, as seeing the paper in person, and being able to touch and see the fibers or coating, will make all the difference when deciding.



Photo Matte

This is an economical fine-art and photo paper. Labeled as an 'economical choice' the paper has surprised us and become a favorite staff pick. It has rich blacks and a bright white base that brings photos to life. It has a smooth surface, acid free, ph-neutral and is archival. (Tier 1)

Weight: 235gsm I  Thickness: 11 mil


Photo Satin

Similar to its matte brother above, this satin paper is sold as an economical photo paper with a low acid coating. We think it has a really nice quality weight and feel, but it's priced fairly economically. It sports rich blacks, and adds a subtle shine that adds distinctive depth to photos. It has a smooth surface. (Tier 1)

Weight: 300gsm I  Thickness: 11.5 mil


Soft Gloss Rag

We love all of our papers here at Tweek, and each of them offer their own special qualities, but we must say, this one has special place in our hearts. Since we got this paper we have been amazed at the seemingly perfect blend of subtle texture, rich blacks, and an incredibly pleasing neutral-white tone. It has all the lovable qualities of a wet fiber print. This paper is 100% archival and listed as "museum grade," which means, like most of our archival papers, if kept properly it would take hundreds of years before fading would even begin to occur, and even then who knows how much longer it would maintain its brilliant level of saturation and detail. That is, if you can manage to stop yourself from wanting to touch it all the time, because we certainly struggle not to cuddle this paper to sleep. Have we said enough? (Tier 2)

Weight: 310gsm I  Thickness: 16.5 mil


Metallic Pearl 

This is a really fun paper. The metallic finish adds a little something special but it's not overpowering. The metallic, high-gloss surface photo paper give you prints that are sharp and vibrant. This is a great one paper for gifts or a print that you'd like to stand out. (Tier 2)

Weight: 260gsm I  Thickness: 12 mil


Metallic Photo Rag- Hahnemuhle

This is the wizard of our family of paper options. The high gloss, textured metallic surface will bring out details in your art that you didn't know existed. Imagine a silver metallic coating on an etching paper; yeah, that's right. It's the paper you never thought you would love. You should see a sample of it. This paper is 100% cotton, acid and lignin free, with no present OBA's. The paper white is neutral, with the added metallic coating. It is archival grade. (Tier 3)

Weight: 340gsm I  Thickness: 19mil  


Heavy Metallic Gloss

Printing on this will give the depth and feel of a classic cibachrome print. This surface prints colors smooth and rich, nailing your shadows and gracing your highlights, bringing your photos truly alive. We can't really call this a paper, as it's base is polyester film, and its surface is smooth. While we think colors pop on this material, we also know that black and white can shine as well, nailing your contrast in with pin-sharp accuracy. (Tier 2)

Thickness: 5 mil



Hot Press Natural

This paper is best for art reproduction and black white photography. Colors will pop with art repro and b&w images can have a soft, warm, lower contrast look. This paper is listed as museum grade, meaning it's as archival as papers get. (Tier 2)

Weight: 285gsm I  Thickness: 18 mil


Hot Press Smooth

Like its natural-white sister, this paper is best for art reproduction and black white photography. However, because of the bright white tone, your colors will be reproduced crisply more accurately to your original art. This paper is listed as "archival grade." (Tier 2)

Weight: 285gsm I  Thickness: 18 mil



Photo Rag – Hahnemuhle

We offer this paper due to reviews that we have read and the positive vibe from photographers all over. We are so happy to offer such a snappy paper, it really handles contrasty images with ease. When you pick it up and see how the slight texture catches the light, you've got to put a smile on. RICH PAPER! (Tier 3)

Weight: 310gsm I  Thickness: 0.5mm


Bamboo – Hahnemuhle

Another new natural paper to us, Tony is in love with it. We have been anxious to try such an eco friendly offering. We thought that there was no way that something good for the environment would perform so well. 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, archival, wide color gamut, color gradation and image sharpness are on par with any paper that we have seen to date. The subtle texture feels smooth to the touch while the solids are strong and highlights are so creamy. Try something different, go with the bamboo. (Tier 3)

Weight: 290gsm I  Thickness: 0.5mm


Velvet Rag- Bright

100% cotton rag – A cross between German Etching and Somerset Velvet - etching texture with a soft subtle feel. We tried this with a client that works in water color for his latest art reproduction. He loves the reproduction of his art, colors "so vibrant".  We used this paper with his pen and ink sketches and wow, it looks like the original. (Tier 2)

Weight: 315gsm I  Thickness: 20 mil


Velvet Rag- Natural

This the same paper, minus the optical brighteners, which makes this paper more archival than its bright white sister. The natural tone of the paper will provide more warmth to your print. (Tier 2)

Weight: 315gsm I Thickness: 20 mil


Textured Fine Art 

Cold pressed textured matte – A natural white paper that can add a painterly feel to photographs and give watercolor, pencil and pen and ink reproductions that "original" look and feel. We recently used it with a new client on his first reproduction work, he was so happy with the results. (Tier 2)

Weight: 310gsm I  Thickness: 16 mil


German Etching – Hahnemuhle

This is a cellulose mold made paper that is chroline free. It is natural in color and gives a really nice warm tone to art and photography.  It is one of the most popular papers for art reproduction. We have many clients that will print on nothing else. We have one photography client that fell in love with this paper years ago and won't consider another option. It resembles a traditional etching board and makes every print "frame worthy." (Tier 3)

Weight: 310gsm I  Thickness: 0.50 mm



Matte Canvas, with Matte Coating

Matte Canvas is a poly/cotton blend with a bright-white finish. Archival and sharp sharp in the details. (Tier 3)

Weight: 400gsm I  Thickness: 20 mil